Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Tuesday!

It sure feels like summer time around here! This weekend we had beautiful weather. It was about 80 degrees, sunny and there was a lite breeze blowing. You couldn't ask for any better. Friday afternoon my grandmother and I went to one of our favorite garden shops. We were like kids in a candy store. We were loading our wagons like crazy! There were so many wonderful flowers to choose from. I ended up getting some holly hocks, cone flowers, foxgloves, daisy's and a few zinnias. Saturday I was able to get them all planted. Now we just have to sit back and watch them grow!!

Everything is still so green but in a week or so there should be lots of colorful flowers popping out!

I found the time this weekend to work on some of my bears and a few fall items.

Here are the bears hanging out to dry!
I am hoping we have more of these sunny spring days. I seem to have so much more energy when the sun is out!

Until the next time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

New Goodies

Here are some pictures of things I've been busy working on! I love my little bears. Each one I make looks different from the other. I never know what they are going to look like! I guess they each have their own little personalities.

I love making fall items! Usually I make things for spring summer but this year I decided to just stick with fall and Christmas. For me it was always a struggle to find ideas for things to make for the spring and summer. So it finally hit me why not just make the things I love to make and not feel pressured about making things I really wasn't into. Now I can focus my time on primitive fall and Christmas items. Also I decided to just do shows in the fall. No more summer shows which were always a little stressful. At my summer shows I never did as well as I did at the fall shows. So this year I feel like I am in good shape for my fall shows!

Happy Wednesday! Half way to the weekend!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 1st Mothers Day

What a great weekend I had! I got to spend the whole weekend with my little guy and even got other stuff done as well!  Jackson gave me the best mothers day present, he slept until 8 o'clock on Saturday morning! It was just what my husband and I needed, a little sleeping in time! He's pretty good about sleeping but still likes to get up at 6am on the weekends! So him sleep to sleep till eight was fantastic!
Saturday I was able to get a lot of sewin done all done around Jackson's nap schedule! I was on a roll. I made up a bunch of witch shoes, black cats and even sewed a few of my ghost up. I was hoping to stuff them all but just ran out of time! No matter how much time I have it's just never enough. I feel great about my progress this weekend. Little by little I should be ready for the show in September.
On Sunday we took a ride up to my moms new cabin in Warrensburg NY. Her place is so nice and cozy. They haven't offically moved in yet but she's been painting and cleaning things up. The previous owner loved the color country blue . The inside and outside all had that wonderful country blue color! My mom has choosen more Adirondacky colors, dark green, tan and a sagey grayish color. It looks great now! I can't wait to see it when she gets all her furniture and gets to decorate it! I know it'll look so cozy!

While we were there we got to explore their property. There is a train track right behind the house, then just a short walk down through the woods is the river. They are hoping to clear out a spot so we can sit and have a camp fire. I can't wait until Jackson is old enough to play outside. He'll have so much fun! There is so much for him to explore!
Thats it for today. I hope to get some pictures on here soon. Just have to find the time to download them to the computer!!
Have a great day!
Until next time.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Yeah it's Friday!!

I love a Friday night. The work week is behind you and the weekend is ahead of you. I don't think there is a better night of the week then a Friday night! Firday night is when you get to relax and spend time with the ones you barely saw during the hectic week. At our house Friday is also fun food Friday. That means we usually order take out or cook something special.
There's just something about a pizza on a Friday night. I think that goes back to when I was a child. I couldn't wait to get home from school on Friday. I knew it meant it was pizza for dinner and a good night of tv!! We would all get cozy in the living room and sit with our pizza and watch our favorite shows. Back then my favorites were Full House and all the TGIF favorites!
Things haven't changed much I still love to eat out in the living room while watching my favorite shows.
This weekend is special because it's my first mothers day being a mom! I will be spending the weekend with the little man, my husband and of course my mom! I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Hoping to get some more fall items done. It's suppose to be rainy and cool tomorrow so it will be a perfect day to work on my creations.
Then Sunday we will be heading up north to my moms new cabin she just bought. It'll be nice to spend some time up in the mountains. We are looking forward to spending a lot of time up there this summer. The river is a short walk from her house so it's sure to be the place on a hot summer day!
Well I hope everyone enjoys the weekend! Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there.

Until the next time.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's been so long...........

since I've last posted! The main reason I haven't posted is that back in October i had a baby boy! I knew this little creature would take up a lot of my time but man he takes up all of it! In a good way! I just want to be with him all the time. I still love to craft and decorate but for the past six months Jackson it's been all about him! As it should be!!
So lately I have gotten the itch to get back into crafting. I have a show in September so if I want to have enough stuff I need to get busy! So this weekend I was able to get down to my craft room and got tracing,cutting,sewing,stuffing, and grunging. I was on a roll. It felt so good to be back in the swing of things. I didn't realize how much I missed crafting until I started it up again. So I am back in the crafting business. Now if only I can keep the energy up to keep on doing it!

Till the next time!!