Thursday, September 16, 2010

First craft show of the season

This past weekend I was at the Shaker Heritage Society Craft Fair. I do this one every year and love it! Although this year was a bit slower then the past I still manage to do well. Saturday was a picture perfect fall day.
The sun was out and the the temps were in the 70's and the crowds were out and about. Sadly Sunday was the complete opposite. It was cold and rainy and slow.
Overall it was still a good time.

I have been doing this show for about 3 years and I am now seeing repeat customers! I love it. It's so neat to officially have repeat customers!

It's funny from year to year you never know what sells well and what doesn't. Last year I made my Boo ghost and they sold like crazy. So this year I made a bunch of them and wouldn't ya know it I sold only a few.  Another item that sold well last year were my witches shoes.

I sold out of them and had people asking about them but this year there wasn't much interest in them! The items I thought wouldn't be big sellers, like my pumpkin baskets, turned out to be quite popular. I sold all the baskets I had made. If only I knew what people wanted! I guess it's all part of the business!
Mr. Boo's

Mama's Little Helper

Doing this show really put me in the fall mood! So when I got home I started to pull out my fall decorations and got my house all ready for fall. Here are some pictures of my fall decorations in the kitchen.  Haven't taking pictures of the rest of the house just yet. Hope to soon!

Jackson's 1st pumpkin!!

Well that's it for today! Have a wonderful day!!


Sheila said...

I bet that the colors are starting to peak there in upstate NY! Your booth and home pictures are lovely. Craft shows will either make you or break you-it's fun, loads of work and yes, you never know what the public will want. Looks like you made some really neat fall items. Would love to have been able to go to a craft show like yours. They are starting to get into full swing here in Idaho.
Your baby boy looks like he is enjoying the outdoors!
Blessings to you~

Angie Berry said...

Looks like you have quite a nice selection of hand mades! I remember that from doing craft shows in the past... you never know what's gonna sell from year to year. Glad you had a good time!