Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Time Decor

Every time a new season rolls around  I take down the previous season's decor and put up the current season's. I so enjoy decorating and the change of season gives me all the more reason to rearrange and bring out different decor.

Now that it's spring I have brought out my flowers, bird houses, beeskeps and a few other springy things. It's amazing how just a few little new touches can change a room.

Over the years my taste have certainly changed. I used to think if I had a large collection of something the better it looked. Basically I thought the clutter look looked good!

But over the years I have changed over to less is more. I now try and keep things  as uncluttered and simple as I can.
Which isn't always easy when you have an 18 month old who's toys seem to multiply overnight!

From reading blogs and  magazines I have pick up a few hints on how to keep your house looking simple, yet still keep it warm and inviting. Don't know what I would do without blogs or magazines to learn from!

Having a simply decorated house just allows me breath better! I feel calm and relaxed when I am in my home.

 My house is a work in progress and I believe it always will be! My taste may change along the way but I do know one thing that will always stay the same, and that is my house will always be warm, cozy and inviting. A house that are all those things will always be a home. And I always want my house to be a home.

So now that I got the inside of my house looking and feeling like spring, I am so ready for the outside to look and feel like spring!!

Here are  a few pictures of my spring time decor. Hope you enjoy them!!


Happy April!! Let's hope these April showers we've been having will bring us some May flowers!!

Have a wonderful day!
Until next time,


Patti said...

Heather, Your home is so BEAUTIFUL! I love how you decorate! It looks SOOOOOO NICE!

Primitive Memories said...

Thanks Patti for the nice comments! Hope you have a wonderful day!

Angie Berry said...

I agree... a few little new touches can completely change the look of a room.

Your spring decorating looks wonderful as does the simple look of your prims!