Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Garden

  It sure has been a hot summer in my neck of the woods! I think it's been close to 90 most of the summer. We have had little rain too which doesn't help my garden. I try to get out and water every night but with water restrictions it's not so easy to keep my plants happy! Luckily even with the hot temperatures and lack of rain my gardens still seem to be doing well.
My favorites are Black Eyed Susan which seem to tolerate the heat and drought. This year they have taken over my one garden! It's my own fault I wanted the Susan's to spread and they sure did! This fall I plan to divided them up and place them in other spots in the yard. One of the reasons I  love the Susan's so much is that they are hard to kill. No matter where I put them they seem to grow, as long as they get a good amount of sun. So if you are looking for a very low maintenance flower, Blacked Eyed Susan's are for you!
Here are a few pictures of my gardens. At this point in the summer I don't work too much in the gardens. After a few months of constantly weeding, planting, watering, and pruning now is the time I like to just sit back and enjoy the view!

Flowers picked from my garden

Back Garden

Front of the house

One lonely little Holy Hock!

Now that I am not spending most of my free time in the garden  I have been busy working on more fall creations.
 My newest is this guy, Pumpkin Jack

I finally got a chance to finish a few of these black cats. They were patiently waiting for me to finish them up!

And last but not least I made up more of my Harvest baskets. They always seem to sell well at the shows.

This weekend I will be heading down to Pennsylvania to visit family. Of course visiting family is the main reason I will be heading to PA but it's not the only reason. We are also going to the Lititz PA craft show!! I have wanted to go for years but something always got in the way of us going. But this year is the year! This isn't your everyday craft show. This one is miles and miles of craft vendors! I'm sure there will be lots of good prim crafts to choose from too! Pennsylvania seems to have many talented prim crafter's and I am hoping that many of them will be at this show!!
When I get back I hope to have many pictures and goodies to share with you!

Until next time,


Sheila said...

Hello Heather~
your flowers and yard are very inviting! I've heard so much about the craftshow you will be going to and how I wish some day I will be able to go-even from way out here in Idaho! I do have family back east in NH, Maine and VA so it could work into my plans some day! Your fall goodies are very sweet-love the Pumpkin Man!
Wishing you a sunshine filled day!

Primitive Memories said...

Thank you Sheila! I see a trip out east in your future. You'll probably have to drive thru Pennsylvania anyways. What's a little side trip?! I 'll keep my fingers cross that you can get there someday. For now I'll try and take some good pictures so you can feel like you were there!
Have a wonderful afternoon!

Angie Berry said...

Your flowers are beautiful! I love all the black eyed susan's you have all over. It all looks so wonderful, especially when it's sitting in an arrangement in your home!

Your halloween and fall prims are very cute! Have a great time checking out that craft show. Sounds like a fabulous time!