Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One of my favorite places

This weekend I took at trip with my grandmother and mom to a place that I simply love. It's a little town in the Adirondacks called Willsboro and it's right on Lake Champlain. Willsboro is such a simple town.It has less then 2000 people.
 My grandfather was born and raised there. It's where he met my grandmother at the young age of 14( i believe) and it's where my great grandparents had a camp which now is owned by my great aunt. So I am proud to say I have a lot of family ties to this little town in the Adirondacks.

Views in Willsboro

As a kid I remember going up to the camp. Usually my grandmother would take my cousin Jessie, my brother Tyler and I up there for a few days at a time. We always had the best time. My cousin and I would take the little row boat out on the lake and feed the seagulls, while my brother just sat there nervously waiting for us to tip the boat over!! Awww...... what memories!

I also remember the time my cousin and I tried to convince my grandmother that it was a good idea to take home with us the minnows that we had caught from the lake! We didn't understand what the big deal was. They would have been fine on the 2 hour car ride home in the back seat!

Another fun memory of my time up in Willsboro was the time my grandmother made us walk back to the camp. We had gone out for ice cream and on the way back my cousin and I kept bugging her to let us walk back to the camp, never thinking she would ever let us. Boy were we wrong.

She stop the car and said ok go ahead. Well I'll tell you that was the longest walk ever! She had dropped us off at the end of our street which had woods on both sides, we were going along fine until we saw the bear crossing sign! At that point we hit the ground running! From that time on we never once begged to walk anywhere!

Okay enough down memory lane! So anyways this weekend we went up to visit. My grandfathers sisters and brothers still all live in the same town they grew up in. My Uncle Shrimp ( he's the shortest of them so that's where the name comes from!) and his wife live in the house where my great grandparents did and they were having a barn sale.
 It was fun going thru the old barn and seeing some of the old things. I didn't get a picture of the barn. Don't know what I was thinking, but I did get a few of their house and the river that runs behind it.

It always such a calming feeling I get when I visit up north. There is just something about that sleepy little town. For all the years I have been going up there it never seems to change. Everything moves at a slower and simpler pace up in Willsboro New York and that's why I love it so!
I think Jackson agrees too!

Here are a few more pictures from there.

Pictures at the camp
Willsboro Bay

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Sheila said...

What a very nice place to have ties to Heather! I enjoyed your trip down memory lane-it reminded me of my youth in NH and spending many days at "the camp" of a dear family friend.
Fall is fast approaching in NE, my most favorite time of year! I've lived in Idaho all my married life and still long for the beauty that this season holds back where "my roots" are.
Thank you for sharing these precious memories.
Blessings to you~

Angie Berry said...

What a beautiful place it is! I love going back to visit old home steads. There are always so many childhood memories to relive. I'm sure Jackson will learn to love it one of these days too.