Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some of the reason's I love winter

I'll be the first to admit that January is not my favorite month of the year, but I can't help find the beauty in it.

Especially after we have a had a big snow fall or two.
These are some of the pictures I took on my walk the other day.

It was so peaceful and everything was so bright and snowy. It was a perfect day for a winters walk.

Another reason I love winter is that it is a perfect time for crafting! When the snow is falling and the winds are blowing, what better place to be then cozy inside, in front of your sewing machine with a nice hot cup of chocolate!

Theres no doubt about winter puts me in the crafting mood. 

Believe it or not I am still working on Christmas goodies as well. Even tho the holidays are over with, I can't help but long for them to come around again.

Yes, I do believe it's an illness but my husband and I have learned to deal with it! Well actually my husband still thinks I'm crazy but he still loves me anyways!!

So when I start to miss Christmas I start crafting goodies for next Christmas!  Hey whatever works right?!

Here are a few of my non Christmas items I've been working on.

I do believe that one of the reason I enjoy winter so much is that it gives us an excuse to stay home, to be with our family and to just relax.
With such busy lives that we all lead, when we get the chance to reconnect with ourselves and our family it's always a wonderful time of the year, even if it is in the dead of winter!

I know many of you are longing for Spring,  but I do hope you all take the time to see the beauty and comfort in these winter months.

       One of my favorite quotes is by Edith Sitwell

      Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.
                                                                               How true that is.

 I hope you all have a warm winters night.
Until next time.


Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Very pretty walk! love the covered bridge pics!
Your bunnies are adorable!
thanks for sharing a very relaxing post,
enjoy the peace of winter,

Tim and Patti said...

Heather, What a beautiful post and those pictures are so NICE! Now don't give up crafting to be a photographer :)
I love your new creations and I can't wait till we have them here in the Shop.
Thanks for making me see January and this winter in a different light...hugs, Patti

Angie Berry said...

Love your snow pictures, the covered bridge is just beautiful!

Your heart pockets are cute and the bunnies are so adorable!!

I agree with you 100%! With 3 kids at home and 2 of them in sports, plus church functions doesn't leave much family time at home. But winter allows us that privilege and I delight greatly in that time! I also love to steal some crafting time out of that too. =]

Primitive Memories said...

I love reading all your comments! They put a big smile on my face! It's nice to know that others out there feel the same way I do on certain things in life!
I wish you all a wonderful day! Thank you all for commenting and reading my blog!