Friday, March 25, 2011

The Joys of Spring

Now that we are at the beginning of  new season I decided to start it off with a post about what I most like about Spring.

I have to admit Spring isn't my most favorite season. I'd just assume skip over it and go directly to summer. Since that's not really an option I have decided to find things about spring that I do enjoy.

I truly enjoy seeing the Spring birds coming back to my bird feeder. I have seen a few finches,sparrows and of course some little robbins around the feeder.

I am thrilled that since Spring has arrived I can now see my grass. Although it be brown grass it is still grass!

I love seeing the buds on the trees. This gives me great hope that soon those little buds will be beautiful flowers and leaves .

I like that I can now take my little boy out for walks and I don't have to put him in a snowsuit!

I love that on a sunny spring day I can open my windows and let a little fresh air in! Even if the temps are only in the 30's. That doesn't matter because it's Spring and you are suppose to be able to open your windows!

I also enjoy seeing some of my early Spring flowers popping up. Like my little pansy that held on all winter and decided to bloom once more. I know that many others are not far behind!

So, I guess I do like  Spring time. I am looking at Spring as the start of something new. It's the time to anticipate all thats  ahead.  The next few weeks I hope to see Spring appear even stronger. Soon that brown grass will turn green. Those buds on the trees will soon be blooming and the little spots of greens will be turning into beautiful flowers!
Ahhh...... can almost smell them now!

Happy Spring!

Until next time,

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Primitive Shopping Trip

This past Saturday my mom, grandmother and I took a little trip over to Massachusetts. From being on facebook and from reading blogs I have discovered  that there are many primitive shops in Massachusetts! So i decided it was time to make a special trip out there and hit as many of these shops as we could.
Our first stop was to the Rusty Roosta . Located in West Brookfield, MA .

We got there a little early. The shop hadn't yet open but we didn't mind. We sat in the car and admired their beautiful primitive house and shop. What I would have given to take a peek into their house! The outside of the house was right out of a magazine! I can only imagine what it looked like inside. 
After waiting a few minutes in the car the shop owner came and opened up! And off we went. Before we were even all the way in the shop we were stopped by a large display of yummy smelling candles! My mom scooped a bunch up within seconds!
The rest of the store was perfectly prim. There was a wood stove going, period music playing and lots and lots of fantastic prims!!
So needless to say I didn't walk out empty handed. I found this mustard colored pillow, along with a jar of fragrance oil and a bag full or dried orange slices.

I could have bought a lot more but since this was our first stop I didn't dare go overboard!

Our next stop was to the Walker Homestead in Brookfield, MA

I had been to the Walker Homestead about 2 years ago and ever since have been wanting to go back. This visit was even better then the first one. They had new rooms open and they were just filled with wonderful primitive/ colonial pieces.
They also carry beautiful hand dyed wool and primitive fabrics. A little piece of heaven for this crafter!!
I was thrilled when I spotted a quilt crane. I have been wanted one for a while now and was thrilled to finally find the perfect one!

Along with the quilt crane I found this adorable little house. That I just couldn't resist!

I can't say enough about this place it is fantastic!

Here are a few pictures we"quietly" took inside.

My mom pretending this is her bedroom!

My Gram telling me she would like me to make her a cat like this one.

Now I didn't ask to take these pictures so I sure hope the owners didn't mind. They seemed very friendly so I am hoping they wouldn't mind me showing some of these to you all!

In June and September they hold a Primitive Show so I am hoping to get back there for one of these shows. I can only imagine how much fun that would be!

After we left the Walker Homestead we headed to Spencer, MA. There we stopped at Primitive Thymes.
I had found this shop and the owner on facebook. From the pictures I saw I just knew it was going to be a great place! And I was not disappointed.
The shop was wonderful!

And the owners were even more wonderful. Karen and her husband Rich were the most welcoming shop owners I think I have ever met!
 From  the moment we walked in the door until the minute we left they were nothing but pleasant, friendly and full of great advice.
I think I could have talked to them for hours.
They even gave us a tour of the house, which is attached to the shop.
Their house left me speechless! It was amazing! They truly have a talent for decorating. 

We plan to take a trip back there for they Fall and Christmas open houses!

Once I came down from the excitement of my visit at Primitive Thymes we headed to Strubridge.
Once in Strubridge we hit another one of my favorite shop Village Primitives.

 I love this shop because she carries one of my favorite lines of candles, 1803 Candles.
Bought a few candles and a little dish towel. And I was happy as could be!

After a long day of travel and shopping we made one more stop at the Hand Maiden in Strubridge. We all manage to find a few more goodies there and then we headed home!
It was a great day.
 I got to spend time with my mom and grandma and I got to do one of my favorite things,visiting primitive shops!
The day couldn't have been better!

Hope you all are having a great week!!
Until next time,