Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What makes me happy

On a cold and rainy day like today it is hard to be up beat and happy. I don't know why but the weather always seems to affect my mood. On a bright sunny day I always seem to have a brighter attitude. Not much bothers me, but on a cold rainy day my mood isn't very bright.

Today is one of those not so bright days.  To try and get me out of my less then bright mood I decided to think about what puts a smile on my face and makes me happy!

I think we all need to remind ourselves what makes us happy! Things are tough out in the world and we need all the happiness we can get.

So here is my list of things that make me smile.

 First thing that comes to mind is my little boy's silly face. No matter what type of day I am having he always makes it a good one!

A  good smelling candle.  Don't know what it is about a good smelling candle but it just puts me in a good mood. I think the scents reminds me of comfort and warmth and those two feelings bring me much happiness.

First flowers of the season always puts a smile on my face.

Of course my family makes me happy.

My wonderful husband! (most of the time ha ha!) and all that he does for me.

Prim Shops always make me happy!

The Rusty Roosta

Walker Homestead

The Brickhouse Craft Shop Millersburg PA

Sadie girl who has always been there to cheer me up.

Making prim goodies

Being home. There's nothing that puts a bigger smile on my face then being home.

Gardening. Just love being outside working in my garden.

Sitting down by the river

Decorating. Usually if I'm in a funk I start rearranging things and suddenly I'm not in a funk anymore!

Okay so I could keep going on and on but I'll stop here! After doing this post I am already in a better mood.
I'd love to hear what makes all of you happy.

Hope everyone has a lovely day today!
Until next time,


Sheila said...

Your little guy would make me smile all the time too!My grandsons sure make me smile. I know what you mean about having nicer weather to make our moods brighter.
The pictures of your gardens are beautiful.
Wishing you a sunshine filled day~

Primitive Memories said...

Thanks Sheila!
Hope you have a wonderful day today!


Patti said...

WHat a beautiful post and WHAT BEAUTIFUL pictures...I just love reading your blog...It makes me HAPPY :)

Angie Berry said...

Aw, what a sweet post! Those things make me happy too. While we are a lot alike in many ways, I actually love rainy days! Those are the days I like to craft, create, and scrapbook and not worry about home chores. We've had lots of those lately and I have been having a great time! =]

I'm glad your list put you in a happier mood. Have a wonderful week~